Thursday, April 24, 2008


I remember Underroos. I had Wonder Woman Underroos. I spent many evenings in them, spinning around to make my quick change, flying in my invisible jet, and getting the bad guys! When I saw the Hulk Underroos I had to buy them for Kyler (Colton and Asher are too big - DARN!!!) Kyler loves to wear them - at night. This morning I asked Kyler to get some clothes for school. (he's just learning how to dress himself) He said he wanted to wear his Hulk shirt to school - OK, but go get some shorts. After a quick trip to his room, he said he was going to wear his Hulk shorts too - (Background info: He doesn't know that Underroos are underwear, we just told him they were pajamas - he wears underwear under the Underroos) I tried to explain to him that he needed to get some other shorts. NO!!! Stubborn boy decided he would wear the Hulk "outfit". What was a mother to do? What would Nicole do? That's right! I let him go to school in his Underroos! Here's the conversation I had with Tony after Kyler was on the bus:

"Hey, I just sent our kid to school in Underroos."



"Under his clothes?"

"No, I sent him in Underroos."

"Under his clothes, right?"

"No, just Underroos. That's what he wanted to wear."

"Well ................ that would make a good blog today."

It did!


Jen said...

What an awesome Mom you are! That is hilarious and I too was Wonderwoman in my past. I even have a picture to prove it! Loved my underoos!

La Familie B said...

Where did you find Underoos? I need some for Nick. As the mother of a little boy who wore only pajamas for 2 years (the only exception was Church) I totally understand. You are a good mom.

Nicole said...

Thanks for the support! They can be found at WalMart.

La Familie B said...

I will put aside my comments about walmart if they have underoos! I just might even go there today!

Nicole said...

Don't talk to Aunt Mimi about WalMart......their the DEVIL!!!!!