Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I had a very busy day last week and planned it carefully so I could meet all my obligations. The day started great. I took Colton and Asher to school by 7:30 am so I could be ready to babysit a friends daughters at 7:45 and then get Kyler on his bus. Well around 7:50 I receive a call from the school - Colton explains that he needs new pants, he slipped in some mud. I couldn't figure out how this happened and asked if he was ok - he was. I told him about my morning and said it could take 30 minutes before I could get to him. He understood. I went to get some shorts and wonder where my friend was with her kids. Then the school called again. Colton AGAIN! "Mom, could you please bring Asher some new pants too. And he's going on a field trip this morning, they're leaving soon."


"We were playing soccer in the muddy field and slipped."

Here's where the title comes in..........REALLY!?! The twelve year old couldn't figure out that playing in the mud might leave you, oh I don't know, what's the word...........MUDDY!!! Fortunately, my friend was also having a chaotic morning and wouldn't be over soon. I raced to the school with the new pants and wondered how many kids shared in the muddy mess with my boys. ZERO! My two were the only ones! You should have seen the angry look on the janitor's face as she was finishing vacuum the mud off the rug in the front office. That look was nothing compared to the daggers that shot from her eyes when she realized that I had not brought clean shoes for them as well. (they only own one pair) The fact that my boys share the school with 780 other students and that they have equal access to the muddy field will be irrelevant to Maria (our janitor) when she inevitably finds mud throughout the school. You know she will mutter under her breath "Stock boys!"


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Jen said...

Ha! Someone else has to deal with mud! I love it! Those are the days that try our patience. Glad it worked out (at least for them it did).