Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Boys BFFs

Ok, maybe boys don't say "my BFF", but it's cute! Top photo, Alex O'Dell - Asher's BFF since Kindergarten. They have even been in the same class EVERY YEAR! Middle photo, Andrew Robinson - Kyler's BFF since.....well, birth! Andrew and his mom (Renee, one of my BFF's)decorated our home with blue balloons and a sign the day Kyler was born. They get along so great! Bottom photo, David Pettingill - Colton's BFF since 4th grade. He moved to California last November, but this photo was taken in March at our home. Colton's big 12th birthday suprise was flying David out for a weekend together. Colton was truly surprised and everyone (Asher included) had a great time! David's gift to Colton was a plane ticket to California this summer!
I love all of the great kids that my kids spend time with. They all come from great families and make our lives so much more enjoyable! Here's to all the BFF's from my school days - Kathy Falls, Tanesha Evans, Becky (Crockett) Taylor and Angela (Evans) Kashow!!!

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