Tuesday, February 15, 2011


First, I have to tell you about the photo. After Kyler's nightly shower, I brush his hair and discovered the other day that we could get a Wolverine look. His hair was drying too quick and I didn't have great lighting, but I had to have a photo of this. He LOVES the new do and runs around the house thinking he is Wolverine. I in turn just think of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine....WIN-WIN!!!! Now back to our regularly scheduled post: I did it again...I awoke at 6am and went to the kitchen to make my family breakfast. As we were all gathered this morning, we had our family prayer and I read from the Book of Mormon while they ate.....well......not everyone ate. I made omelettes (per Colton's request) and was trying to channel Julia Child. The last one actually looked like Julia's! I was so proud of myself. I sprinkled some cheese on it and had it ready for Kyler who DID NOT appreciate the offering. He was upset I had put cheese on it - but Kyler your scrambled eggs ALWAYS have cheese in them! Then he asked in a strange voice if they were scrambled eggs which I emphatically said YES! in an attempt to get him to eat them. If I would have said it was an omelette I don't think he would have touched eggs again for the next two years. He may be adventurous in many areas....food is NOT one of them! After Colton and Tony were out the door and Asher was headed to the shower, I had to bring my 6 year old and his plate to me and feed him like a baby! Of course I removed the superfluous cheese (and fed it to Roscoe who is VERY APPRECIATIVE of my cooking!) and fed that entire omelette to my boy. Despite the snags this morning, I will arise early tomorrow and again feed my family....maybe with earplugs, but I'll do it!
I just couldn't post without showing you my lovely side dish with lunch yesterday - Swiss Chard! I bought it from One Windmill Farms at a Farmer's Market. It looked so delicious and was stirring so many memories from my childhood, I had to buy a bunch. I sauteed it with a little vegetable broth and garlic and IT WAS DELICIOUS! Tony was home for lunch and even loved it and he has an aversion to healthy, green food!


Jen Hakes said...

What is it with small children, especially boys, being so paranoid when their foods slightly change shape or color or whatever. Cannon tried one bit of spinach with a yummy sweet poppyseed dressing on it, spit it out with gagging galore. Really? Is it really that disgusting? Mental I think but at least he tried. Baby steps. If I would ever go to bed early maybe I could get up and be productive... maybe! Good job! The second I saw the swiss chard on your plate, I immediately thought of Papa. Too bad I never got to taste it in all those years.

P.S. Rocket will do anything for cheese too!

La Famille B said...

Love the swiss chard! Love your idea about breakfast. that is awesome. Nick and Madeline are the same way about food. why are they so picky?? I just love this post!

Heather said...

Lol, love me some Hugh Jackman too. Good stuff. ;)

And yes, what is it with these boys?! You'd think we were poisoning them, lol. I think I've made the same breakfast/lunch items for almost 2 years straight now. :P

Yay! I love your word for this year! Congrats on making it happen. :)

Glad to see all is well, love you guys!