Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Monday I made a wonderful turkey dinner - complete with mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potato gratin and cranberry jelly! Delish!!! Didn't it turn out so beautiful! THANK YOU to Jacquelen for giving this turkey to us at Christmas time!!!
In other news: Asher attended a choral festival yesterday. It was a really great field trip (and he was able to miss a whole day of school!) and I was happy to go with him. The day started with a high school choir performing for the kids, followed by a Q & A session. Then off to two classes and a quick performance before the choirs all performed their final songs. Way to go, Asher!!! I can't believe he's almost done with elementary school, he's growing up too quick!
(Update: we're still going strong with our family mornings!)


jachakes said...

Go, Asher! Keep singing! Beautiful turkey! Yummy!

La Famille B said...

That turkey looks delish! Did it turn out ok? Great job for Asher and singing. That is awesome. A talented kid.

Jen Hakes said...

Very productive and time consuming stuff! I'll have to sing you the "over achiever" song Jason made up for me.