Monday, February 14, 2011


Valentine's Day coincides with the new goals Tony and I talked about last night. Well, it wasn't the first thoughts I had had on these goals....but we finally decided to step out and DO IT! (Do is my word for the year...more info coming) Goal: Family Prayer in the morning. Goal: Scripture reading in the morning. Goal: Breakfast at the table with ALL 5 of us! The wonderful thing is that they all work together. The horrid thing...they all work together. We need to stay on top of this to make it happen....which I have faith in us to do! I think the hardest part of this goal for me is to wake up no later than 6am. But I did it this morning! My menu this morning was just blender pancakes...easy peasy. As I gathered the griddle, soft white wheat and powdered milk, I noticed the oranges on the counter. I quickly grabbed my juicer and squeezed all the oranges plus a couple of ruby red grapefruits into a delicious drink. I even grabbed my funnel and poured the juice into two glass bottles. As the blender pancakes were blending, I set a simple table and grabbed some blueberries and strawberries. This breakfast was coming together nicely.
This is the nicest picture I was going to get of my boys this morning. I'm impressed that Kyler is even using utensils! I'm not impressed how Kyler is blocking Asher in the picture.
We had our family prayer before breakfast, everyone sat down to a delicious meal and I was able to read from the Book of Mormon while they were eating. SUCCESS! Tony and Colton then ran off to school and work, Asher and Kyler got ready for the day and I dropped them off at 7:45 this morning (the earliest you can drop them off). WHAT A GREAT MORNING!
Happy Valentine's Day!


Jen Hakes said...

Great job Mom! 6 am is harsh. I would have so much more under control if I would get up that early! Yummy fresh orange juice!!!

Karen said...

you are amazing, and what a yummy breakfast, my kids got frozen waffles cut in heart shapes.

La Famille B said...

wow. that is awesome. i love your goal!