Thursday, April 26, 2012

LEAP DAY (where your wildest dreams come true)

 This is what Leap Day looks like!
Next leap day my kids will be 19 (almost 20), 17 and 11!  CRAZY!!!!  I decided that I needed to document this last leap day with all my kids at home.  I also decided that we needed a theme:  May All Your Wildest Dreams Come True!  (my nod to Napoleon Dynamite)  Here's the morning rush and lunches getting made.
 A quick group shot before they're off to school and work.  Colton was already at his zero hour class.
Yes....this is Kyler's Valentine's loot.  He brings it out every morning to decide what candy he's going to have.   Remember when we were kids and just received cards!
 As a special treat (yes, this is my life), Tony brought Taco Bell home for lunch.  (jealous yet?)  Roscoe just tried to lick his face...but I love the next photo of him licking his chops!  Silly puppy, taco bell's for people!  Tony also brought the mail home and I received a package.  I was so excited and felt that this was already fitting in with my theme.  Then I opened the box..........
Thanks to my step-mom and dad.
I LOVE IT and it made my wildest dreams come true!!!!!!

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