Monday, April 30, 2012


Looking back I now realize that Colton turning 13 was a piece of cake!  
He's now 16!
16, people!!!!!
All he wanted was a party, so a party he had.
His friend, Jeremy was the DJ....with real equipment and everything.  I'm so sad I don't have a photo of that, but I wasn't technically invited to the party.  I sneaked a couple of shots in passing.  I'm glad I caught this shot, the real reason for the party....GIRLS!
Happy Birthday to Colton!
Group shot!
I thought I had everyone in this one...not quite.
Here's the rest of the boys.
Yes, Kyler managed to be in the middle of the photos...
and again!
He didn't really want a cake, but I thought he needed one.
Chips, Dip, Soda, Cinnamon Bun Popcorn, Vanilla Crunch Popcorn
Heaven help us when Ky's a teenager!
I'm so happy he had the party he wanted! 


La Famille B said...

that is one amazing party! a dj too? happy 16 colton. you know kyler will want a dj too for all his parties now. plus, i am sure he already thinks he is 16.

Jen Hakes said...

Heaven help you. Sixteen is scary. I'm pretty sure prayer was created specifically for when our kids start driving and dating. Happy Birthday Colton! Good he's a great kid!