Friday, April 27, 2012


First.....WE NEED A VACATION!  It's been such a long time since we've really done anything or gone anywhere.  At this point, going to a restaurant or store is a mini vacation.  So you can imagine how excited we were to have a "mini vacation evening".  We drove down to Tucson to see church roadshows!  My cousin, Jacquelen was directing one for her ward and we wanted to see it.  My mom even came with us.  (Colton wasn't with us....he was having an ACTUAL VACATION in San Diego with his school....LUCKY!!!!)  To make this an official "mini vacation evening", we went out to eat first.
Asher and Kyler enjoying the freedom of the "mini vacation evening".
Yes....we needed this!
I forget the name of the restaurant (I'm sure Jacquelen could remind me) but it was Mexican...of course!  It was really busy with a live mariachi band.  I love the woman that travels around the restaurant with her table of salsa fixings.  She asks what you want the heat level to be and then makes your salsa right there!
It was pretty yummy, but I couldn't believe how big the bowl was!  Look at how much bigger the bowl of salsa is next to the basket of chips!
Asher clapping for the mariachis!
After our meal, we made our way to the church building to enjoy our entertainment for the night.  It did not disappoint!  Jacquelen's ward did a great job!  It reminded me of all the time we used to spend acting out plays or commercials in our childhood.  FUN TIMES!!!!  Thanks, Jacquelen...the "mini vacation evening"!

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