Friday, May 4, 2012


I'm still trying to catch up from last month, but today is all about this last week.  Last Friday I followed the signs to a garage sale.  It happened to be at a friend's home.  She happened to be selling lots of craft items.  There also happened to be a couple more friends that were "helping".  After coming home with way too many purchases, I decided to break out the new stamps and make Thank You cards to my enabling friends.
Cute, huh
 Here's my favorite part:
the inside
 I thought I'd put more stamps to use.
"So sweet of you" enable me
 I couldn't have lost my 2 year chip from Crafter's Anonymous without "U"
 I signed it:
Friends "always" 
(even in rehab)
I can't afford to run into another friend's garage sale for awhile!
(but it was FUN!)
((come over and craft with me....anytime!))
 Why does this boy avoid the camera so much?!?
Love him anyways!!!
 Yes....this is an actual product.  Where would one find this item.......WalMart.  (does that surprise anyone?)  I don't even know what to say about this one.  Really?  I'm just glad that I didn't have my kids with me.  I could just imagine what they would say....."hey mom.....this feels just like your belly!"  Moving on....
 My beautiful Palo Verdes!
I love that we had a few clouds in the sky.  I think the blue, white, green and yellow coordinated really well.  (card idea!)  Have a great weekend, and remember.......
 May the 4th be with you!!!

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