Tuesday, May 29, 2012


 We've had a very busy month!  Colton finally got his official driver's license!  (yes, I photograph my kids everywhere....isn't that normal?!?)
 Waiting in line to take the driving test!
 Getting called up to pick up his license!
He's still in the super excited phase and will run ANY errand for me.  I'm loving it and can't wait for summer!
 I meant to post these photos awhile ago.  His first prom was his school prom in April.  They only had 40 kids attending and provided them all with gift bags. This was his place card that night.
 A bookmark and candy that was in the gift bag.
 Souvenir ticket and more candy.
I love the city scape bag matching the theme.  Also, the candle holder and little wand.
 They even decorated the cupcake box!
 I wish you could see the glittery star better.  The glitter tissue paper was from the bag too.  It was all well done!  Big thanks to the social committee!!!
 Finally, more doctors appointments for his skin. (it's normal to photograph this too.....right?!?)  It's starting to make a big difference.  Hope things are much, much better before school starts up again.
 It seems like yesterday he had to climb up to the table.  Where did my little boy go?!?
I can't wait to update things next month.  School will be out tomorrow and we're going to Utah to take Colton to EFY in Provo.  ROAD TRIP!!!!


Jen Hakes said...

Oh my goodness, I'm glad there is another crazy photographing mama out there! My kids will read this and think their mom isn't quite so strange after all. I love it!

La Famille B said...

Oh my! He's huge!!! The picture of him at the dr.s cracks me up. He's Hulk! Yay for the license! Loved your photos!