Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Oh the difference two years make!
Two years ago we had a visitor come stay with us for Easter.

(the real photo of the Stock boys)
 It was Uncle Austin!!!!!
We decided we needed some time with him before he left to serve in the Roseville, CA Spanish-Speaking Mission.  It also happened to be General Conference weekend.  Saturday night the men went to the priesthood session.  Asher wasn't quite 12, but we felt he should be included.
(aren't they all handsome, can't wait to get a recent picture!)
 We kept talking about the next time we'd see each other.  We were hoping it would at Kyler's baptism.  We talked about how old the kids would be when Austin was back. Colton would be 16 - driving & dating!  Asher would be a teenager and in Jr. High!!!!  Kyler would be almost 8 and getting baptized!!!!!!!  It seemed so far away then. 
(Austin hanging with his peeps!)
Now it's here!  Austin flies home to Minnesota tonight!!!!  I'm frantically running around and finalizing plans for Colton's Eagle Scout Court of Honor and Kyler's Baptism.  These little boys are growing up fast.  I don't know if Austin will even recognize them! 
Fast forward to Easter 2012 (DISCLOSURE:  we always have the worst Easter pictures....ok, I don't mean the worst, just not "Easter-y"  In years past, the kids are in their underwear or in a towel (after just bathing) when I snap the Easter basket photos.) This year they are fully dressed, in pajamas, and have just woken up.
The kids objected to my matching tie choice, so I chose coordinating Easter colors.  They loved these!
 No Easter bonnets or frilly dresses in my house, so I had to put a bow on the dog!
 I love that Roscoe cooperated!
 The boys LOVE their dog!
 We don't have too many years left where they can hold Kyler like this!
 Kyler pretending to sleep!
 Be careful with my baby!!!
 Love these boys!!!
 Again, having no frilly dresses going on over at our home, I was looking forward to seeing them at nursery.  Problem....we only had two boys there that day!
(why am I always surrounded by boys?!?)
 Aren't they adorable!  I love all my nursery friends. 
 We even had fun with our Easter craft.
I can't believe how fast the last two years have flown by! 
Austin will be home tonight.  He speaks in his home ward this Sunday, Mother's Day.  He'll fly out to Arizona next week and celebrate Colton's Eagle
(can't figure out how to make this photo smaller....oops)
 and Kyler's baptism.
Travel safe, Elder Mulleneaux!
(and give us a call ASAP...you have 5 people waiting to hear your voice!!!!)

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