Thursday, May 17, 2012


As I was helping Kyler with his homework the other day, I noticed he wrote "blaw blaw" in place of the everyday assignment.  Of course I had to correct the "blaw" to a "blah", he laughed.  I totally get this kid....enough with the homework and school year....END IT ALREADY!!!!  Life at the House of Steve is still crazy, busy with all the "blah, Blah, BLAH!!!"  After this whirlwind weekend, I hope to have life calm down a bit.  In a couple of weeks, we can all sleep in (just not you, Tony, SHOW ME THE $$$) and relax a bit. Until then, our weekend calls for temps around 100 degrees, out-of-town relatives, an Avengers birthday party, a baptism, an Eagle Court of Honor complete with a large meal!
I still need to get some photos of my Eagle Scout tonight, but Kyler and I enjoyed a quick photo session at the temple the other week.  I loved having a little time with him alone.  Kyler loved the Oreo Brownie Earthquake at DQ.
(this is the pose he could you not LOVE him!)
 Yesterday, this little man and I went to order the sub sandwiches for our party Saturday.  I loved trying to explain to him what it meant to order 2 "different" sandwiches  (while ham & provolone and ham & swiss are different...that's not what I had in mind!) Kyler loved the rootbeer soft serve cone. (I have to admit, I loved that too!)
Here's to a great weekend and blah, blah, blah!

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