Thursday, September 13, 2012


I've been getting allergy shots for nearly 8 years now (same amount of time I had braces....just saying).  I don't think I will ever be without them (the shots, not the braces!) but that's just fine with me.  I can't imagine living life without watermelon, cantaloupe or avocados again.  In the beginning, I was bringing all of my boys to the office.  Colton, Asher and I received shots and Kyler was our tag-a-long baby.  All the nurses quickly fell in love with him and even nicknamed him "TONKA"!  It used to be a struggle to take everyone.  Let me rephrase that - "IT USED TO BE TORTURE!!!!!"  We would sign in, wait anywhere from 5-15 minutes to get the shots, then wait 30 minutes more before they would check our arms again.  If there was a problem (Asher and I frequently had a little problem-generally when we were in a rush!) we had to stay an additional 10-15 minutes with ice on our arm. Over time, Colton was able to stop getting the shots.  Eventually Asher would be free from the shots too and then it would be down to me.
 And frankly, that's when it became enjoyable.  I go when it fits my schedule.  Instead of dealing with my kids in a crowded waiting room, I'm by myself in a quiet (often empty) room.  It's actually relaxing. The other day I cleaned out my purse, took pictures of Dory and Nemo and then wrote in my notebook.  Some days I just read a peace.  No one bothers me with a question.  No one asks for something out of my purse.  No one needs me to step in and remind them of their manners (or lack thereof).  What used to be torture is now bliss.  Which brings me to my next topic...our weather.
While I wouldn't say it's close to being blissful, it isn't pure torture anymore.  We've had high temps below 100 and we've even had lots of moisture fall from the sky - someone said it's called "rain".  Whatever it is, it's unusual and it's making me hopeful.  Hopeful that we will have cooler temps once again.  Hopeful that we'll soon choose to be outside.  Hopeful that blissful weather is just around the corner. With all that hope, I'm making plans.  Plans to picnic, visit the park, go on family bike rides, eat our dinner out back (on the table I'm painting - once the weather cools off), plant winter grass, visit with the neighbors and TURN OFF THE A/C.  Now that's pure bliss!