Sunday, September 30, 2012


I'm excited to participate in The Nester's 31 days series!  (so excited that I messed up my first link...yeah, I'm pretty great like that)  Before I introduce my topic, I want to explain where I'm coming from.  I've been married for 23 years and have a house full of boys - 16, 14 (this month) and 8. Like all moms, the last 16 1/2 years of motherhood has been full of sacrifice and changes.  I understood that I'd lose sleep with my babies, that my days wouldn't be my own anymore, and that one day I would be driving kids to and from school and activities.  I understood that my home would also change to accommodate my children.  I just didn't understand it would mean no more Kleenex.  I used to buy tissue boxes to match the decor in each room.  It was a little decision that used to matter to me.  It mattered until I grew tired of boys wasting them to pretend to blow their nose or "decorate" the house. I finally let go and decided that we could grab a little toilet paper when we needed to blow our nose.  I mean, who cares, it's only temporary - right?  Fast forward to today, I still live in a Kleenex-free home.  That's part of what will change over the next month.  I also realized that in the last 16 years, I have grown tired.  Tired of trying to keep up with three boys, grocery shopping, cooking, cub scouts, boy scouts, homework, teacher conferences, laundry, housework, budgeting, driving, more laundry and more driving.  I've lost the joy of setting a pretty table, decorating my home, having parties with friends, decorating for the holidays and even the simple joy of lighting a scented candle.  The next 31 days will be dedicating to Reclaiming my Suburban Utopia. 
(days will be updated as they post)
Day 1: Smells Like Utopia Already
Day 2: Taking Care of Me First 
Day 3: Couples Love Subway Art 
Day 4: Reality in Utopia 
Day 5: A Breakfast Table and a Little Happiness
Days 6-8: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back 
Day 9: Halloween Decoration...a Beginning
Day 10: Eavesdropping, Stranded & a Secret Rendezvous 
Day 11: Finally Getting Around To It
Days 12-14: Keep That Sense of Humor, It's Critical 
Day 15: Birthday Boy! 
Day 16: Fall Placesetting & a Crazy Day 
Day 17: Family Dinner 
Day 18: Yummy Food, Productive Day 
Day 19: Pantry Love 
Day 20: A Little Breather 
Days 21 & 22: My Grand Plans 
Day 23: Time for Fun 
Day 24: Fall Trees 
Day 25: Being in the Moment 
Day 26: Kleenex!
Day 27: Jewelry 
Day 28: Traditions 
Day 29: Monday Night 
Day 30: The Penultimate Post 
Day 31: Halloween!
I DID IT!!!!  I finished the 31 day series....thanks for joining me!


Emily Ferrell said...

I would love to be part of the parties with friends! I can't wait to see how you reclaim the things you use to love to do.

Alene said...

This sounds great. Hopping by from 31 Days.

:) said...

I thought I was the only one that made everyone use toilet paper as kleenex. I live with the two man wrecking crew and giant man child. I am looking forward to your series.