Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I say soccer revisted since he was probably Kyler's age when he played soccer last.  Now, a junior in high school, he's on a soccer field again.  With only three weeks practice under his belt, they had their first game.  They get to wear their jersey to school on game days. 
 Go #16!
 Can I just say.....IT'S HOT!!!!
Sitting on metal bleachers doesn't feel too good, but I was happy to be there for my boy.
First home game against Show Low.  (we lost)
 First away game against Alta Vista in Tucson.  (we lost)
 Here he is with Jacquelen, who cheered him on in Tucson!  Thanks, Jacquelen for going to the game and taking pictures!!!
 I know it's frustrating to lose, but I'm so proud of this kid for going out for soccer.  I'm proud of the effort he makes at every practice and at his games.  I'm proud of his discipline and I'm so happy he's loving being a part of a team.


La Famille B said...

That is so awesome that he is playing. Even more impressive it that it's a first year team. Hope he continues to have fun!

Jen Hakes said...

No way! Savannah is #16 too! That's awesome. Savannah lost her first game too last night. Hope he enjoys the season! Love the jersey colors.