Tuesday, September 18, 2012


It's not always easy to talk about my teenagers.....not that I find it difficult, but they don't always appreciate my openness.  Kyler is very open....let me reiterate, KYLER IS VERY OPEN!  Anyone that has been in his presence for more than 60 seconds know that, which reminds me of last Friday night.  We were tailgating after the homecoming soccer game and our Booster Club president came over to visit.  She asked what grades Colton and Asher were in and after I answered her, Kyler threw his hands in the air and said "AND I'M ADOPTED!!!"  One would think Kyler would respond by stating he's in the 3rd grade.  Obviously, "one" has not met him!  This photo was taken at 7:35am the other week.  We left too early and Kyler needed to stay in the van since the earliest you can be dropped off is at 7:45am.  We talked for awhile.  I snapped photos.
He didn't always appreciate them!
 At about 7:44am, Kyler realized something.  
We ended up leaving the school, grabbing the lunch box off the island and promptly returning to school with only a few minutes to spare.  Silly boy!
 I wanted to say "frustrating" instead of "silly", but I needed to reserve "frustrating" to describe his actions in the afternoon.  Isn't that mud splatter lovely?  As soon as he came home from school, he hopped on his bike to enjoy the water in the gutters.  Frustrating....but not unexpected!
Here's more Kyler goodness!
Last Tuesday was pack meeting.  The boys displayed their collections.  Kyler didn't prepare one, no worries though.  He just picked up 12 different rocks out of his den leader's yard.  Project done!  (oh, I'm already stressed about his research projects in the future!)  I love how the name tag says "Kyler S." even though he's the only Kyler in the group.  He LOVES cub scouts and I LOVE his leaders!!!!  Thank you for putting so much work into scouts and for having patience with my mancub.
 Even MORE Kyler goodness!!!
Kyler is on the Broncos Flag Football team this fall.  He's loving every minute of the practices, camps and games.  He's in the middle of this photo with his back to us.  He was leading the stretches this day.
 Here he's on the right of the huddle.  He listens very well to the coach and then proceeds to tell the other boys where they're supposed to be.  Then he runs back to the coach to find out where he's supposed to be!!!  Yes....he's going to rule the world! (I know it's a lifetime away, but I can't wait to see the woman he'll marry one day!)
 Before school this morning.  Playing with toys and watching Dinosaurs in the background.
 And finally, a tennis ball with a bad hair day?!?
 What is strong enough to tear apart a tennis ball?
All 4 1/2 pounds of her!!!
 Yep, another day in paradise.


La Famille B said...

He can join my kids in forgetting their lunch! I think he is having the time of his life. Love the football where he is the ruler. Glad he likes cub scouts!

Jen Hakes said...

Autumn forgot her lunch today!!! "Silly" kids! I love the comment on how Kyler tells everyone where to go and then asks the coach what he's supposed to do. So funny!