Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Well, 8th Grade Graduation and School Awards Ceremony.  All the school awards were at the beginning and it ended with the 8th Grade Promotion. Sadly, it was also a night to say goodbye to some of the teachers that wouldn't be returning next year.  Dr. Parry was one of the boys favorite teachers and will be sorely missed.  We wish her well in her new job and are happy that she'll have more time for her family.
 Colton received awards for the clubs he was in and his grades.  He even earned a gold bar pin for his school letter.
There was lots of waiting during the two hour ceremony.
It's a good thing Asher's so tall and easy to find in a crowd.

Like here.
 There's my baby!
 Finally, his name was called.
 He picked up his certificate.
 And then celebrated his victory!
We so proud of you and can't believe you are going to be in High School!
Love you!

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La Famille B said...

OH my! Asher is a giant! Love that Colton got awards and Asher is officially a high schooler. like for 7 weeks now!