Monday, August 26, 2013


Last year I was serving as a nursery leader at church.  I really loved being with all my little friends, but 1 year is my limit.  After 16 months, I was released at the end of December 2012.  I was ready for the new year and excited for a new calling.  My guess would have been cub scouts since Kyler was in there and I was right!  I was put in as a den leader with Deanna.  I knew she would be moving and leaving our group in May and I figured I was in for the long haul.  Imagine my surprise when I was released in Mid-May to serve in Young Women's!!!  This was the last day of scouts for us.
 Love my boy!
He was so thrilled when he heard my new calling over the pulpit.  He quickly asked me if that meant I wouldn't be at scouts with him.  After I answered yes, he raised his hands in the air, silently rejoicing and his good fortune.  Isn't it wonderful that we sit in the 2nd row and EVERYONE could see his display?!?
 Some of the standard craziness that occurs at scouts.
 The big shocker......the huge hug this boy gave me after learning I wouldn't be his scout leader anymore!  So Sweet!
I'm happy I was able to be in scouts, especially to serve with my friend, Deanna!  Now it's time to move on to Young Women's.  Oh how I missed my girls!!!!!

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