Monday, August 26, 2013


This was Asher's second year participating in shot put and discus.  He was even chosen to help represent his school at the East Valley Conference. (why do we live in the's so hot!!!!!)We were so proud of Asher and my mom and I went to cheer him on. 
 Getting ready to throw the shot put.
 I loved having my new camera.  I put it sports mode and have lots of great shots.
 Asher, we're proud of you!!!
This picture doesn't allow you to fully appreciate how tall this kid is......
 this one does....
 and this one.....
 and this one.
This is what 6' 2 1/2" looks like in 8th grade.
Now, if I can remember to buy a big umbrella before we start up with soccer in a couple of weeks.  I will need one throughout the whole year....

 and it would be nice to stop mooching off other peoples shade ;-)
 Currently, Colton and Asher are practicing soccer and their games should start soon.  Can't wait to cheer them both on!!!!  Since they don't have football at their school, their homecoming game is a soccer game.  Mita and Papa would have loved that!  Good Luck, Knights!!!!!

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