Saturday, August 31, 2013


Little boys never grow up.  He's James Bond in this photo......isn't it an uncanny resemblance?!?
This is the only activity that I completely disagree with.  I can only imagine my ancestors, who actually walked to Zion with a handcart, looking down on this and saying, "REALLY?!?  That was our trial.  Could you please teach these kids how to navigate through THEIR trials!"  I even told my children that they didn't have to go on trek.  Only one stipulation: you have to stick together.  They could both go on trek or they could both stay home.  Sorry, Asher....Colton chose to go.  Once they chose to go, I supported them.  Tony took them shopping to gather all their supplies and the day came to send them on their way.
 Somewhere on the Trek.
Back Home.....finally!
(yes.....they didn't change their clothes at all!)
 The boys were asked to write letters to their parents one night.  Asher wrote a very short note that included, "...I like the back-breaking work." (can you detect the sarcasm)
 Colton had much to say in his letter.  I will spare you its entirety, but leave you with his summation: "I still am convinced on my many negative theories of trek, that it was the enaction of the graveyard of bad church activity ideas, the return of slavery to America, but this time with young Mormon children, and a way for members to get rid of their food storage by feeding us their rations along the trail."
Colton has informed me that when he's an adult and leader in the church, this will be the first thing to go!  I support him 100%!!!!! 
(So, do you think in 8 years that a 17 year-old Kyler will choose to go on trek?  Time will tell.)

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La Famille B said...

I also don't understand the fascination with trek either. I'm sorry they had a less than want to remember experience. love their letters!