Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I love how Kyler takes charge in planning his birthday parties.  He decides the day, theme and activities and all I am required to do is keep up with his plans.  This year he chose Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  (I think everyone of my boys has had this birthday party!)  We made turtle shells and eye masks (that just turned into headbands) for the kids.
Their best ninja poses!
 Don't you love their shells?!?
I do!
(they are disposable roasting pans from the dollar store.  I spray painted them the darker green and hand painted the sections with the brighter green)
Here's a detail to show what awesome and prepared parents we are.....I again, didn't make the cupcakes for the party.  Tony picked up some cupcakes and I found a candle from his 3rd birthday.  Yeah....I told you we were pretty awesome.
 No worries....he still made a wish and blew out the candle.
 Actually, the cupcakes and candle ended up working together....Tony picked up Graduation cupcakes....and Kyler was going to "graduate" from 3rd grade......is it too much of a stretch?!?  That's how we do things at the House of Steve!
Then it was present time, TMNT toys, gift cards and $$$. 
Man, I love this boy!
Everyone had a great time and Kyler such felt special.  I was so proud for reigning in the "gift bags".  I chose green cups and filled them with a little candy and TMNT swim goggles.


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La Famille B said...

Those shells are amazing! I love hoe TMNT never dies...the cupcakes are classic.