Saturday, November 23, 2013

YWIE - Week 10

(If I Only Had the Nerve)
In this world it isn't easy
Staying clean and pure - (I whispered) not sleazy
to peer pressure don't you cave
And bad choices say adieu!
Oh, the Lord has plans for you
Let's be fierce and bold and brave!
Stand up for what's good and true
Even when it's hard to do
Lots of sadness this can save
In your choices be courageous
You will find that it's contagious
and with all your might, be brave!
When we make - a mistake
It leaves our hearts to ache
Repentance is not something we can fake
Be true to you - Simply Partake
The Lord - He loves you dearly
His Path - He marked it clearly
It's up to you - Behave!
So remember what to say
As we walk through everyday
We will stand up and be brave!
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