Saturday, November 23, 2013

YWIE - Week 12

I miscounted the weeks and we only had 12 Sundays.  But I had promised 13 parts...what was I to do?!?  HAVE TWO SONGS on the last week!

(Optimistic Voices)
I played this song from this link on YouTube.
While the song played, I went through these signs:
3 More Days to YWIE!!!

You've Done It!!!!!!
You are all AWESOME!!!!!
(then the music turns sad) still need to decorate your table
You can do it!  We can help!!!
(music turns happy again and I finish with these two signs)
3 short days until MAJOR TREATS!!!!!!
We love you and are so PROUD of YOU!!!!!!!!

(Somewhere Over the Rainbow)
Someday in the near future
3 days hence
Young Women's in Excellence
will finally commence
Someday in the near future
We'll stand in awe
At your talents and hard work
Success is what I foresaw
You picked a value out of eight
Now think of how to decorate
Your table
Your name and value I'll provide
for all the rest you must decide
I can't wait to see
Stand Ye in Holy Places
in our theme
Serving in this Young Women's is living my favorite dream
(immediately hit this song at the 4:01 mark)
I then held up the sign THE END
followed by the credits
Cast in order of Appearance
Dorothy - Sister Stock
Glinda - Sister Stock
Mayor of Munchkinland - Sister Stock
Lullaby League - Sister Stock
Lollypop Guild - Sister Stock
The Munchkins - Sister Stock
Scarecrow - Sister Stock
Tin Man - Sister Stock
Cowardly Lion - Sister Stock
Townspeople of the Emerald  City - Sister Stock
Sign Holder - Sister Stock



Jen Hakes said...

W-O-W!!! Enough said. I'm speechless!

Melissa Yergensen said...

Those are awesome! I'm so curious ... how did your YWIE turn out? I landed on your site because I was searching for Wizard of Oz New Beginnings ideas!

Nicole said...

Melissa, our YWIE turned out great. Our girls worked hard on their projects and I think we succeeded in making them feel special that night. I would love to see what you do with your New Beginnings!

Kimberly Richman said...

May I use some of your ideas for our YWIE this year?

Nicole said...

Kimberly, Of course you may!!! I would love to hear or see how your YWIE turns out. Good luck and have fun ;-)