Saturday, November 23, 2013

YWIE - Week 11

(Merry Old Land of Oz)
Read, read here, read, read there
Put your thoughts in your journal
That's how we work to pass off goals
The blessings are eternal
Work, work here, work, work there
As you're finishing up your goal
That's how success will soon be yours
It's really in your control
So be diligent the battles almost won
One more week of this
and then my songs are done.
Serve, serve here, serve, serve there
Till you 10 hour project's through
And when you're done, now don't you stop
There's plenty for you to do.
Tick, tock here, tick, tock there
Your time is running out
Just 10 more days to work real hard
You'll succeed, I have no doubt!
(Fast Sunday - No Treat)

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