Saturday, November 23, 2013

YWIE - Week 9

(If I Only Had a Heart)
We could be rude, vain and tough
Also greedy, coarse and rough
Good feelings torn apart
But the world has that in spades
Beehives, Laurels and Mia Maids
Will you share your faithful heart?
Let's be tender, let's be gentle
Kind and not judgmental
Your love you can impart
We should serve one another
sister, brother, father, mother
As we share our faithful heart.
Picture this - domestic bliss
Peace and plenty here abide
We'll find beauty everywhere we roam
When there's LOTS of love at home
Let's be faithful and refined
pure and gentle, good and kind
We need to do our part
Nurture tenderness and love
and the Lord will be proud of
You for sharing faithful hearts.
(Treat:  Mini Cherry and Mini Apple Pies - made in a mini muffin tin)

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