Wednesday, July 2, 2014


With only 20 seniors at Colton's school, there isn't a big selection of girls to date.  Plus, take into account that the majority have been going to school together for the past 6 years.....well, they've become more like siblings.....or really close cousins :-)  As MORP was getting close, these 8 girls decided to ask out 8 guys....but as a group.  I loved it!  They gave each guy a bag of treats and this photo invitation.
 This part was customized for each boy.
What a fun and clever idea!  The night was western themed and everyone had a great time!
This year for Mormon Prom, Colton asked out Rachel. 
 He asked her on April Fool's Day, hence the jokes and gag gifts all over the poster.
 We found a "spilled tootpaste" on our bathroom counter and Tony actually fell for it!

 I'm so curious how Asher will choose to ask girls out.  Are we done with Colton's jokes and puns.....or will they live on with Asher?  Time will tell.
Rachel responded with a basket full of eggs with treats!
Prom photos to follow!

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