Thursday, July 3, 2014


When our summer officially started, I talked with the kids about projects and goals.  Kyler was so excited and asked if we could have the kids cook again.  3 meals + 3 kids = much less cooking for me!  Colton and Asher weren't happy with Kyler's suggestion or enthusiasm.  Thankfully, Ky didn't care what they had to threaten say.  Since it was Kyler's suggestion, he started things off with breakfast the next morning. Crunch Berries and Bacon for all!
 Asher had lunch.  Mac & Cheese and Smoothies
 Thanks for bringing the boys back to the kitchen, Kyler!
 Colton should have made dinner....but he has a way of disappearing lately.  I'm thinking I may get a letter from this boy around September/October wishing he would have spent more time in the kitchen with me.
 The best part of this plan is the lack of complaining I get about food.
 Meals we've recently enjoyed:
Texas Hash
(well, Tony and I didn't enjoy it because they ate it before we could have any)
Hot Dogs
(our favorite sandwich!)
Breakfast Burritos
and lots of cereal!
(the boys favorite stand-by)
 This boy gets to enjoy free Bahama Bucks and movie theatre popcorn.  Oh, the joys of being 18 and "free"!
 Asher, there are more important things than just being really, really good-looking! (Zoolander!)
 Yesterdays breakfast
Red, White & Blue French Toast.
Red - Cranberry Bread
White - Whipped Cream
Blue - Blueberries
 So Good!
Now if we could only get them doing more dishes!

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