Monday, July 14, 2014


With school starting next Monday.......NEXT MONDAY!!!!.....I thought I should finish catching up on the blog.  What did I do for my birthday this year......go camping.  woo hoo.  yipee.  I do like to be with my family and friends, but camping is not my favorite.  (unless we are staying at a fabulous cabin)  This was also my last weekend with my family before going to Alaska for nearly 3 weeks. 
 But camping does make my boys happy....and I was very interested in that.  Thanks to the Baxter's for some fun!
 And really...I might just follow Olivia anywhere.  I love this girl!!!
 Bryce was able to climb much higher than the younger boys.
 This is why Colton went camping - Time with friends!
 My grown up boy in his Camp Kaiju shirt.
 Asher's pretty good at hiding from the camera.  This was a very forced photo shoot and he DID NOT cooperate.  Finally, I was able to snap one decent photo.
It's still weird to think that Colton won't be around for these family outings.  He will be back in 2 years......for only a week and then off to BYU.  For now, we'll enjoy the next 5 weeks until we drive Colton to Utah.

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