Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Colton is always so completely embarrassed by me taking photos.  So I decided to annoy him as well and start taking them as he and Jackson left our home to pick up their dates!
 My mom and I got to Rachel's house before they did....let the picture taking resume!
 What can make this walk to her door more nerve wracking?  A mom taking your photo!  You're welcome, Colton.
 He waited at the door a long time before anyone answered.  Finally, her dad invited him in.  When he noticed me snapping photos, he turned Colton around and posed - YES!!!!!  We love the Johnston's!
 I had no words.  She was beautiful! (well...that, and her dressed appeared white as she first walked out and it looked too much like a wedding and it kind of freaked me out for a few seconds!!!!  Her dress was a very pale pink)
 I had to include the hug from her dad and her mom putting Colton's boutineer on.
 I love getting to know all of the girls in Young Women's.
Last photo!
 I mean the last photo of them posing.  Now.....the last photo!
Get ready, Asher.  With Colton leaving next month, I'll have so much more time to photograph you and your social life!

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