Tuesday, July 22, 2014


It's that time again!  Back to School for my boys.  Well, two of my boys.  I decided to print out these cute signs just before snapping some photos.  As you can imagine, they didn't appreciate them. 
(can you tell by the look on Kyler's face?!?)
 Asher was not amused at all.  He reluctantly posed for the photo.
 Then turned for his second shot!  Love him!!!
My Sophomore and 5th grader.
 At 5 feet tall, Kyler's in the 97 percentile for height.  However, standing next to your 6'4" brother makes you feel pretty small.
 The best part of the morning, Colton wanted to take his brothers to school.  Tony and I were happy to let him!
After the boys left, I cleaned the kitchen, took my nephew out to practice driving, mailed out some packages and made it to lunch with my friends.  Just after my food arrived, I received a call from the front office at Asher's school.  They said he tried to do something he shouldn't and all I could think was WHY IS HE GETTING IN TROUBLE ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!  Then I heard her say that he cut the back of his head, she stopped the bleeding and monitored him for 30 minutes.  I had just heard she was calling from the front office, not that she was the nurse in the front office.  Thankfully, he was ok and didn't need to go to the doctor's.  It would be beneficial if he and his friends would mature a little...but I'm not holding my breath ;-) 
Days of School: 1
Days of School without injury: 0
Here's to a great school year!!!

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