Sunday, June 8, 2008


I'm not shy to tell people how much I dislike Chuck E. Cheese and Peter Piper Pizza. I just think they're mini Las Vegas. The flashing lights, bells ringing, machines beeping, you carry your cup of tokens that you endlessly put into machines - and finally, you leave with a full tummy and empty pockets! Sounds like Vegas to me. But when your last day of preschool is at Peter Piper Pizza - you go. Small glitch in the beginning, we were told to be there at 10:45 am.....they don't open until 11:00 am. Problem? Not for KYLER - THE PROBLEM SOLVER! He took my keys and tried his best to get the door unlocked for him and his classmates! You can see how he persevered, even when his friends lost interest. Way to go, Kyler!!! One more year of preschool and then ALL-DAY KINDERGARTEN! I can't imagine an empty house. (Of course I was a few months away from an empty house when Kyler surprised us - what will next year bring?!?)

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Jen said...

Empty house? What about Mita? You may have something with the Vegas/Chuck E. Cheese thing.