Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Thursday- 12:30 am approximately - Mita comes out of her room choking and coughing. Tony tries to assist her and then runs to get me. "Mita's choking and not breathing, I need your help!" I stumbled out of bed and expect to find her "not breathing" but instead find her coughing and struggling. After the coughing bout she calms enough to say "I think I'm going to die." (Just like that "I think I'm going to die." no exclamation point, just matter of fact) Tony, completely frazzled now, just looks at me. I explained that we go to the hospital now. Between Mita, my husband and three kids, I've done the middle of the night hospital run many times before. I know what it takes to stay up all night and I know that I don't have it in me this night. Tony agrees to take her and I sleep for a few hours before I get a phone call. They are going to admit Mita. Within an hour I am there to relieve my very tired husband and start my stay at the hospital with her. She was able to come home Saturday afternoon after finding out that she is aspirating thin liquids. We just add a thickener to thin liquids and get our desired "nectar" thickness and she's good to go! I'm glad we're home now....I had Colton and Tony to pack for boys scout camp, Asher to pack for cub scout day camp and Colton, Asher, Kyler and myself to pack for our trip to Minnesota. Can you believe we leave Monday! (Mita is going to be with Chris and Liz during our trip.)


La Familie B said...

wow! tony's version was a lot calmer that that! hee hee! I am glad Mita is home safely.

becca said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Nicole, thank you for taking such good care of Mita. I know you are an experienced ER mom, but the ER is never easy.