Sunday, June 22, 2008


We made it to Nauvoo safely - after only one detour due to flooding. It was crazy to be driving and have the road sandbagged because the flood had come up to the highway. We were worried about crossing the Mississippi, but were able to 12 miles south of Nauvoo. The swollen river had two lanes of the road under water, but both lanes of traffic managed on the other two lanes. It was so surreal for desert dwellers to be in the middle of all this water! Frankly, it was also a little scary. The road for the last 12 miles up to Nauvoo was good and dry. Two days later, as we were travelling up to Minnesota, we found part of this same road sandbagged. I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to pass across the Mississippi again, but we were able to. We had to drive half way across Iowa before we could go north to Minnesota. What would have been nearly a five hour trip turned into eight hours. No matter though, we arrived safe and dry! I will post photos as soon as we are back in Arizona....July 4th.


La Familie B said...

so glad you are okay!

Jen said...

I have witnessed devistating flooding firsthand here in WA. It is terrible. Once again, you are one brave chiquita.