Thursday, September 5, 2013


After trek, Asher had a little food and the next day we drove to Utah.
The whole reason for the trip was for these two.  Asher and Simon were going to their first EFY!  They had a great week and maybe I can convince Asher to write about the experience.

Austin, Reagan, Kyler and I took them to their room to drop their luggage and then escorted them to the Activity Room.  Asher didn't seem sad to see us go....imagine that!  
Kyler and I spent the week with my cousin Andrew and his family.  I LOVE MY COUSINS and every minute I get to spend with them!  Andrew and Michelle are so wonderful and I'll take any excuse to visit and stay with them.  Kyler had me take about 100 photos of him on this swing.  I'd like to say this is one of the crazy ones, but it's just Ky in his normal state.
Andrew and Michelle have two adorable boys and a little girl on the way.  Drew loved to play with Kyler and it was fun to see my baby be the big kid.  I wish I could find a way to bottle Drew's energy and use it for myself.  He's non-stop!
Could you just die from the cuteness?!?  Braeden is so sweet and of course thinks he's just as grown up as his big brother.  It was really fun to watch him copy Drew all week.
I loved using my new camera and thankfully the boys would sit still long enough for me to get a shot.
Love these boys!
During the week we met up with Austin and Reagan a couple of times.  First, we had lunch with them on Monday before we took the boys to EFY.  Then Austin had a class in Salt Lake during the week and we played with Reagan at Temple Square while he was in class.  She took us to this window seat at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building where she and Austin took some wedding photos.  Kyler didn't appreciate her mentioning that they had kissed right where he was sitting.  He can tolerate many things......kissing is not one of them!
It is a beautiful view!
Since I only had Kyler with me, he was the one I had to pose in the photos.  He was mildly cooperative.
Yes....this was the best shot.  At least he didn't put his hand over his face like Asher and Jean-Jacques would.
We even took Kyler to see the Tabernacle.  My childhood view of General Conference!
I loved the field of white flowers......
in miniature!  
Remember back in 2008 when we visited Nauvoo.  The boys would pose like the statues for me.  This was my all-time favorite!
Fast forward 5 years and this is what you get!  Reagan was trying, but Kyler....not so much.
I was also able to visit with Jean-Jacques and Sherrily during the week.  Most of our outings involved food.....eating or shopping for it.  I was able to buy Postum again!!!!  Happy Day!  He and Sherrily also took us to Tucano's Brazillian Buffet.  It was so delicious!!!  The waiter asked Kyler what he thought of the meal and he replied. "It's not as good as Golden Corral"  Jean-Jacques had no words.  Gotta love a 9 year-old and his palette!  Jean-Jacques and I were able to get away for lunch alone (thanks, Michelle for taking Kyler!) and have sushi.  It was so good!  Jean-Jacques doesn't like to have his photo taken a lot....especially by himself.  Since I didn't get a photo of him, I thought I would share one from his wedding. 
He's so good-looking, right?
Before we knew it, it was Saturday and time to pick up Asher.  Thankfully, Austin and Reagan volunteered to get him and even took him to Kneaders for breakfast.  We met up a little later and enjoyed some play time at Trafalga in Lehi, UT.  They played mini golf....
 and fish-your-ball-out-of-the-water...
and racing!

We ended with video games before we went to eat at the boys favorite restaurant....CHUCK-A-RAMA!  Jean-Jacques and Sherrily even joined us.
 Competitive boys!
 After lunch, we went to the mall to see Audra one last time.  She was able to come over one night earlier in the week to chat.  Wish we could have spent more time together, but she's busy working two jobs and Relief Society President in her ward!  We were fortunate to catch her at the very beginning of her lunch break.  It gave us plenty of time to chat and to even get a photo.  She's now even busier with adding graduate school to her schedule!
 Sunday morning (Father's Day) we packed up and said goodbye to Andrew and his family.  We headed down to Provo to hear Austin speak in church. Austin gave a great talk and after sacrament, they invited us back to their apartment to have breakfast.  It was so yummy!  We even played yahtzee and talked with Dad and Connie on Skype. 
 I'm so thankful for all the time I could spend with three of my siblings!!!  (Wish Catherine was closer - Alaska's too far away!)
Great week.....Great memories!


Jen Hakes said...

The only picture missing was one of YOU! Fun trip! You know it's all about the food for me, gotta try a Brazilian buffet sometime.

Emily Ferrell said...

Love this post. I'm so glad you had a great time in Utah.