Friday, January 3, 2014


Ah, December!  I always have high hopes and big plans, but it's a crazy month.  The kids are busy with lots of school work and finals.  Frankly, between school and church activities, we barely had time for anything else.  Here's a few highlights.
Dogsitting.  We're always happy to have these two come over.
 Too bad Roscoe and Cocolette don't always feel that way! 
 My Wondertwin, Juliet brought Kit to visit. 
(yes, this photo is from the summer)
A new Krispy Kreme opened up right by the older boys school.  Kyler was so happy - which you can't really tell from the photo since he was posing as a Krispy Kreme employee. 
At least that's what he said ;-)
 Everyone was happy for this treat!
 An Arizona Snowman....
 trying to cover up the neighbors broken hot water heater.  Genius!
Although we didn't pose for a Christmas card, make gingerbread houses or even trim our tree this year, I was happy to find lots of opportunities to serve in December.  One of those opportunities was to help set up my cousins reception.  Aren't they a beautiful couple!
Rachael's niece, Summer drew this

 They showed their video in this corner.
 Yummy treats!
Fruit, veggies, hummus and pitas and DESSERTS.
 Megan did a great job on the banner!
 Congratulations to the happy couple!

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