Friday, January 10, 2014


Doesn't Asher look handsome in his new school shirt and sweater! Back to school time and both Colton and Asher wore their new shirts.  I'm so glad that they liked them!
 Why is it so difficult to get him to pose for me?
 Not everyone went back to school.  Poor Kyler woke up sick and spent all day in bed.  By Tuesday evening, he wasn't any better.   When we went to bed.....and he was so restless and we were up most of the night.  The silver lining: with Kyler being home I was able to clean out my scrap room.  It's been fun to actually create in there today!
 Thankfully, he was able to go back to school yesterday.  I finally had the house to myself.  Now if I could just catch up on my sleep!
And favorite, Arizona sunsets! 

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