Friday, January 3, 2014


Christmas Eve....MY FAVORITE!!!
23 of the great-grandkids
(25 great-grands were there)
 Just what The House of Steve needed.....
Little Girls!
Alexis, Deborah, Julia
 Colton & London
Time to eat!
 Kyler and Cannon are so grown up next to Braeden.
 After everyone had eaten and pictures had been taken, it was time for the Nativity play.  While Emily and Jacquelen helped the children get ready, I shared part of an article from Colton and Asher's school paper.  The article showcased three different ways ACP students celebrate the Christmas.  One family goes cliff diving in Missouri, another visits Gambia, Africa and here's the third story.
"However, you don't have to engage in dare-devil recreation or fly to another country to have a unique holiday experience.  Senior Colton Stock has a pretty traditional holiday ritual - every Christmas Eve, Colton's entire 'Romney-sized extended family' comes in from Utah and reenacts the nativity scene.  With the help of a trunk-full of old sheets and clothes, cousins transform themselves into shepherds, wise men, and an angelic choir.  It seems pretty normal until the Stock family realizes they have way more nieces and nephews than they have roles to play.  In theses circumstances, extra roles are made to remedy the situation.  'We wrap the excess children in green tinsel and have them lie down on the floor - yeah, we even reenact the grass at baby Jesus' feet.'  Due to the fact that three babies were born in the last year alone, this year's Stock Nativity Scene will feature three baby Jesuses (Jesii?).
So with that intro.....Behold, our Nativity!
(our third baby Jesii had to leave early....bummer) 
I love that we even had 2 stars....I mean, really, each baby Jesus needed their own star!
 With two sets of nativities, we didn't need to "wrap the excess children in green tinsel" this year.
 I still can't believe he's almost 18!
 After all the extended family left we opened our traditional Christmas Eve gift, pajamas!  I'm so glad I let them be who they are and didn't care how they posed.

 Colton wanted to be the tallest in this shot.
 Asher thought he wasn't tall enough.....really, 6'3" isn't tall enough!
 Love these boys!!!!!
I wonder what Christmas will bring?!?

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