Tuesday, January 7, 2014


December 27th
We met at the park to visit with cousins before everyone went back home.  I decided to try and get some photos of these cute kids.
 Dean, Deborah, Braeden and Addison
 Cannon and Kyler
LOVE this picture!
 The Hakes kids vs. The Stock's & Jason Hakes
Not sure what this game was......a mixture of soccer and tennis?!...it kept them entertained though.  That's Autumn kicking the ball.
 Even the younger kids needed to play their own version on the next court.
 After we said our goodbyes and Kyler managed to leave with Cannon, Tony and I took Asher out to Capriotti's.  It's so DELICIOUS!  Tony and Ash shared the 20" meatball sub.  I enjoyed the small Capastrami.  Poor Colton was out fixing barbed wire fences near Casa Grande.  He missed out on all the fun and food, but did earn more mission money....HOORAY!
The 27th was also big day for birthdays.
Happy 12th Birthday to Joseph!!!
Happy ?? Birthday to Uncle Chris!!!
Happy 3rd Birthday to Skylar!!!

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