Monday, January 6, 2014


After enjoying a great breakfast of waffles, eggs, and turkey bacon, it was time to open gifts.  We started with the "stockings".  See Asher, he has his hand in his right now. it's a Trader Joe's bag.  Would you rather have a little 'ol stocking or a grocery sack full of goodies?!?  Exactly!  After they inspected every item in the bag, it was time for presents.  They first opened the ties that Grandma and Grandpa sent from China.  They loved them and have worn them the last two Sundays!  They received mini stockings from Mita with some $$ and candy - Score!  Now, the 3 gifts they get from Mom and Dad.
 Number #1:
Colton and Asher: School sweater, school oxford, and a belt
Kyler: 2 superhero cars
 They love their preppy clothes!
 Number #2:
Colton and Asher: Harkins movie cup and t-shirt = inexpensive refills of soda and free popcorn for the whole year!
Kyler: TMNT Armored Vehicle with a side-kicking Leonardo!
and Finally Number #3:
Colton and Asher: Gym Membership!  They have been wanting to work out more ever since the soccer season ended.  Now they have a place to go and it's just south of our home........directly across the street!
Kyler: Disney Infinity with 3 extra characters.
I think the photo explains how he feels about this.
 After the gifts were done, Tony said he had a surprise gift for me.  He pulled it from one of our ottomans and handed it to me.  I tore the paper from one of the sides and exclaimed it was a blue-ray player.  Kyler grabbed some paper and tore it off the top.  That's when all the boys could see it was a PS4 (which is also a blue-ray player)!!!!!  We had three very surprised boys!
 Colton couldn't wait to set it up.  He's constantly dusting the console (maybe I should get him a cloth diaper for it?).  He also calls the color "sexy black"......Play Station just calls it "black". 
It was such a surprise because we had told the boys they would not be getting a PS4.  (We weren't kidding at all.....a Christmas miracle happened the week before and a PS4 was dropped in our lap....literally!  Maybe I'll share the story some day.)  I told Tony that it's pretty pathetic that these kids are so spoiled.  Christmas 2013 will go down in the books and the Christmas that they ALMOST didn't get everything they wanted.......ALMOST!!!!!!  Whew.....that was close!

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