Thursday, January 9, 2014


It was about 10am on Monday when we heard a knock on the door. (OK, let's be honest.....we heard our dogs FREAKING OUT first.  Man, they are crazy!)  To our surprise, Johnny also had the day off of school and these two friends were able to spend the whole day together.  They were so happy!!!  Johnny even invited Kyler to watch his hockey game that night.  Non-stop friend fun! (and yes, they were spoiled with McDonald's)
 If the little boys were spoiled.....we had to spoil the big boys!  Colton and Asher were thrilled for the Capriotti's lunch.  (so were Tony and I)
 Even after such a big lunch, Colton and Asher had no problem eating all the Texas Hash.  It is their all-time favorite comfort food. 
  The best part of this day......they all go back to school tomorrow! 

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