Friday, February 12, 2010


Big milestones happened on February 11th! First, my baby brother Austin received his mission call!!!!!! 2 weeks ago our family made our guesses on where he would be going. Kyler only used one guess.....
It was Arizona - All The Way!!!
Kyler wasn't correct..........

(the boys listening to Austin on the speaker phone.....where will he go?)
but Colton was!!!!!
Austin will be going to the Roseville, CA mission - Spanish Speaking!!!
Way to go, Elder Mulleneaux.....excuse me, Hermano Mulleneaux!
Are you ready for the second milestone.......

I'M NOT!!!!!!

REALLY.......................I'M NOT!!!!!!!

But it happened!!!

It's official - Colton no longer has a mustache!

My oldest son starting shaving!!!!!!!!!

You know what I like best about Colton.....


No more milestones.......
just insanity!
I don't know why.....but I keep taking pictures of my dog!
I don't want to become one of THOSE people!
But no one else in this house is this cute right now.
It's not my fault..........right?!?
I was heading to bed last night and this is what I found...
Yes.....he is my baby right now. And ironically....
the only male in the house with a mustache!


La Famille B said...

Congrats for Austin. Wow! Our big milestone around here is Nick finally has a loose tooth. Love the pic of Tony and Colton. Oh my, he is growing up! That's just crazy. Madeline and I can't wait to meet Roscoe. Nick can.

CB said...

I graduated from high school in Roseville, CA. It's a nice place. Looks like Colton got to go to the dance. :)