Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Last month Kyler couldn't stop talking about a movie he wanted to see....
His excitement about the movie was contagious! I was getting excited to see this with him and to make the experience even better.....he had a loose tooth! What timing - Thank You 20th Century-Fox! Before we attended the showing I needed to get one thing straight with my 5 year-old, How the Tooth Fairy visits this house! I didn't want him to think you put your tooth under the pillow like in the movie because he would think that was the only way to do it. Our tooth fairy doesn't like to look for teeny, tiny teeth under pillows. Plus - Kyler sleeps on a loft bed over 5 1/2 feet above the ground. I grew up with a tooth pillow. My tooth pillow was a rectangle with a small square pocket on the front. It coordinated with my room perfectly.......imagine that. You put your tooth in the pocket and then place the pillow on your dresser.....or the dining room table......or the kitchen island.....whatever! Then the Tooth Fairy can easily take the tooth and deposit the money. We're kind to Tooth Fairies like that. Colton's tooth pillow is a dinosaur, Asher's is a tiger and Kyler chose a lion.
He loves it! Good thing we informed him of how this works since his tooth came out last week!
He was so excited!!! All he could think of was the $$$$money$$$$. One dollar. Just like the movie The Tooth Fairy explained.....everyone gets $1 per tooth.
Again, THANK YOU 20th CENTURY-FOX!!!!!

Look at that beauty! Now, can you imagine looking for this under a pillow while balancing on a ladder?!? Glad Mamita came through again with the tooth pillow.
Showing off the money maker!
That hole won't be there for long....the permanent tooth has more than popped out! And in case you were wondering....our tooth fairy paid up that very night! That was quite a miracle since she still owed Asher and Colton a dollar. She must have been waiting for all three of the kids because she paid EVERYONE up! And she slept very well that night!


La Famille B said...

How exciting for Kyler! Love the pillow.

Jen said...

He looked so proud. What an exciting moment!

jachakes said...

Ah, Kyler!