Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We had a very busy Valentine's Day weekend! Family was in town and we celebrated Mita's birthday. We may not have had a lot of time to ourselves, but we're parents....we're used to that! Tony bought me a dozen roses and See's candy that even said Happy Valentine's Day on it! That's quite a feat when you consider the anniversary chocolates he gave me that said Happy Birthday on it! I gave Tony the gift that keeps giving.....Season Four of The Office! We now have Seasons 1-5! Happy, happy!

The flowers are now in the trash and the chocolates were enjoyed.....but the 5-disc dvd set will last forever! In the words of Michael Scott - Seacrest out!


La Famille B said...

See's! Yummy! Glad you got The Office.

jachakes said...

Beautiful roses!