Friday, February 5, 2010


Can you believe what day it is?!?
Didn't know there was a WORLD NUTELLA DAY...
neither did I until I ran into their site when I was blog hopping the other day. You can run into them too -
I was introduced to Nutella by my Mita. She would occasionally let us have a little.....very little! It was delicious! I think I grew up imagining that it was so expensive since Mita didn't share it very often. (I also grew up thinking a strand of outdoor Christmas lights was like $100 since my parents said we couldn't afford them my WHOLE childhood. Later* I found out they just didn't want to put them up. [*Later was some time after I was married. Tony and I were married a few years and more $ecure when I finally decided to $pend the $$$$ on Christmas lights. You can imagine the shock when I finally looked at the price of lights only to discover a strand costs only a few $$$.] I won't even get into the whole "We can't afford a canopy bed for you" ordeal!!!!!! Let me tell you....I'M NOT OVER THAT ONE!!!!!!)
Where was I?
That's right Nutella! do you enjoy Nutella? I like it on crepes with bananas. I like to dip my pretzels in it. And I love it right out of the jar! I don't share my nutella very often.....guess I get that from my Mita. (I should get Mita a jar for her 96th birthday.....which is next week!) So go out and buy a jar of Nutella.....or two......or three.
again, how do you enjoy nutella?


The Austin Gurneys said...

Wow, I had no idea, lol! And I must admit, I've never tried Nutella. Think it's time to broaden my culinary horizons. ;)

La Famille B said...

YUM! It will be so tasty after our fish tacos.

Jen said...

Nicole, I think it's Nutella day every day around here. My kids make banana, pb, and nutella wraps with flatout bread almost daily. My favorite way to eat it is on crepes with fresh strawberries and whipped cream! We have it in our food storage. So here's to you Nutella!

jachakes said...

Everyday is Nutella day! Celebrate!