Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Well, this is a very late post. He reached 100 days a few weeks ago. Better late then never....right?!? Kyler had a wonderful 100 day celebration. He took 100 pokemon cards to school for the 100 item museum. He donated 100 chocolate cat crackers (from Trader Joe's) to the 100 day trail mix. You can see that they made glasses for the special day as well as put 100 little stickers on his paper. And that brings me to what Kyler's accomplished in these first 100 days of Kindergarten. He can count to 100 - EASY PEASY! He can count by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's! He's very good at math - addition, subtraction, story problems, counting money, and telling time. He's reading and writing! See the yellow 100 paper - that was his Thursday practice test for phonograms and spelling. He had a 100% on both!!!!! The pink paper is 5 liberty bucks earned for the week - yes, after the rough start this school year - Kyler is a wonderfully behaved child now! He consistantly earns liberty bucks and is one of the top earners each quarter. (knock on wood)
My favorite thing that Kyler did to celebrate was completing the 100 Days Smarter book. This is what he wrote:
If I had 100 dollars, I would....buy a Batman toy.
I can lift 100......bricks.
In 100 years......I will have children.
I wish I had 100.......dads.
I can eat 100........cereal.

Kyler, you continue to be pure joy to us!
We are so proud of you, My Kindergarten Boy!


La Famille B said...

100 days already? Nick's is next week. How awesome that he is doing so well in school - what a huge relief. Great job Kyler!

Jen said...

Funny picture, I love it! Cannon counted out 100 marshmallows today for his party coming up next week. Way to go Ky!

jachakes said...

100 days!