Sunday, February 14, 2010


Mita was born on a Friday the 13th in 1914. She entered this world shortly before midnight and the doctor told her father that he would switch her birthdate to February 14th if he wanted. He said that there was no need to do that, he wasn't superstitious. So what kind of celebration does one have after 96 years on the planet? TACO BELL! Mita had her favorite: a crunchy taco with sour cream (taco supreme) and a rootbeer. She even drove through to get her food with us (Josette, Michele, Jacquelen and myself), but not before a "drive by" visit to the know, to let papa wish her a happy birthday.....I guess. Jacquelen and I thought it was a little sad driving her to the cemetary on her birthday. She was dozing hunched over in the front seat. I couldn't help but wonder what she would think if she looked up and saw the cemetary all around her. Were we sending her a message......."Mita.....did you want to be dropped off here.......or go back to Patti's?" Jacquelen and I had a great time discussing this and many other cooky things during our "Afternoon with Seniors". Finally we made it to the Taco Bell Drive Thru......well, it's a Taco Bell/Pizza Hut drive thru. Again.....hilarity ensued as we tried to order food with Seniors!!! (I think explaining it should be a blogpost all on it's own....maybe I'll collaborate with Jacquelen!) Here's the birthday girl, enjoying her taco.
Isn't this festive! The banner, balloons, present, cake and even punch (it's Yoda Soda)!

Here's Mita and her sister-in-law Edna. They lived together when Mita first came to the States.....70 years ago!!!!! And they share a home once again!

Photographing babies and animals can be tricky. Trying to get them posed and looking at the camera is not an easy feat, but it's NOTHING compared to photographing the nonagenarian. (confused?! look it up!) Then throw in a few seniors and........well, we had a difficult time getting a decent picture. This was BY FAR the best!
(Mita and her daughters)

Now time for the presents! She received a lot of chocolate and an outfit. Jacquelen even made a beautiful ribbon to clip cards on for display. She hung it in her room and it looks great!
Again......are we just cruel?! Here Mita, blow out some candles! I didn't know if she could do it, but after some attempts all three candles were out.

Happy Birthday, Mita!!!
I hope your wish comes true!



Becky and Brian said...

wish I could be there to celebrate today but I guess it wouldn't be great to get everyone sick. Looks like you had fun yesterday!

La Famille B said...

I wish i was there. I am laughing too hard here, I wonder what I would have done there. Miss you and can't wait to see you in SIX weeks!

Jen said...

Oh Nicole, I can only imagine what the Taco Bell drive through worker went through. I guess you were well entertained over the weekend! The cemetary comments were the best! Happy Birthday to Mita!

jachakes said...

Ah, the memories!