Monday, July 30, 2012


We're now in our second week at school and the only consistency this year so far......I'M SICK!!!!  Last week I kept telling myself I wasn't getting sick (since you know how well that works!) and finally last Wednesday went to the doctors.  As soon as she checked my throat she said "No need to swab's strep throat!"  Really?!?  I started on antibiotics and waiting patiently for the pain to go away.  Now, with almost 6 days of pills in me, I'm still in pain!  I am getting better, but am shocked at the pain in my throat and ears still.  Today was pretty productive though, I finally typed up a seminary itinerary for Colton and Asher.  They have their reading lists and scripture mastery scriptures for the whole month of August. Yay, Me!!!
 Last Friday we added to our family and this little pup hasn't been too happy.  Here he is today enjoying a blanket to himself.
 And here's the new miss in her "corner".  Introducing....
(I think she needs at least 2 middle names.....when I decide on the names, you'll be the first to know!)

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