Sunday, July 22, 2012


and guess who shaved!!!!
Asher joins the Rank of Man in the House of Steve! 
 It was a big evening for everyone.  All the Stock boys gathered for the big event. (cutting it a little close {pun not intended}....shaving the night before school starts.)
 Some tips from dad....and Colton shaving in the background. If Kyler follows in his brothers footsteps, he'll be shaving in 5 years!
Let's review the week before school started....Monday: well checks for the boys.  It's always interesting taking all three of them to the doctor's together.  Biggest news of the day: Asher is 1/4" taller than Colton.  Poor Colton!  He's not going to hear the end of it this year!  After the doctor's office, we went to purchase the boys new uniforms.  Very productive day! about 2 for 1 dinner specials?  Yes, Please!!!!  We took Colton and Asher out for Chicken Fried Steak dinners at Midwestern Meat Market.  The only difference in our meals was how our potato was cooked.  I had the baked....
 Colton and Asher had fries.....
 and Tony had mashed.  It was really yummy and  Kyler enjoyed his dinner just as much.  He ate cereal and played with friends.
 Wednesday....Day of the Knights (bookstore days at Colton and Asher's new school).  This is Colton's fifth year at the school.  We've never taken more than twenty minutes to pick up schedules, buy PE clothes, activity cards and pay.  This year we were at the school for more than 2 hours....MORE THAN TWO HOURS!!!!!  (we left the school just in time to pick up Mamita at the airport)  So what delayed us?  Asher didn't have a schedule!  We waited in the office for over 1 1/2 hours waiting to fix it.  Although I will say that I would love it if Asher didn't have a schedule, no procrastination, right!  Colton had the privilege of calling Tony to bring us the checkbook.
 Thursday.....Colton needed to have some more blood work done.  Not fun, but necessary.  Friday.....FUN DAY!  Tony took the day off and he and the older boys went to see Batman in IMAX.  Kyler had Andrew over for the day and they had their normal McDonald's lunch.  Spoiled little boys!  It was really nice to have a relaxing day.  Saturday.....CLEANING!!!!  We have so many blankets to wash....we're still washing.  Roscoe did enjoy the bed though.
 So did Kyler....
 and Asher!
 Which brings us to today....Asher didn't clean out his backpack in May, so he had to tonight. ('s already starting!)  I can't believe he fit all of this into a backpack.
 He found some flarp...nice. was that dirty that he needed to vacuum the backpack out.
 Roscoe hiding out next to me.  He's going to be so happy to have them at school tomorrow. am I!
Here's to a great Junior, 8th grade and 3rd grade year!!!!!

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Jen Hakes said...

I too can't believe how much junk they can squeeze into a backpack. I had to throw Cannon's in the trash this summer. How did it get to smell that bad? I putting air freshener where we store it this time around in hopes it helps. Boys, we love them!