Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Nope, this isn't about Bob the's Kyler the Builder!  After a long absence, I signed Kyler up for the Lowe's kid workshop.  He LOVES putting things together and using the hammer.  And yes, he's all boy and isn't necessarily interested in the instructions!
 Since he has his mother right next to him, he can't avoid the instructions for long.  Don't you love this face?  It's his mom-wants-to-take-another-photo-of-me face, which coincidentally is the same as the mom-just-suggested-looking-at-the-instructions face.
This is a little bit better.....JUST A LITTLE!  He finished his Kung Fu Panda Kicking Action toy in just a few minutes.  Way to go, Ky!
We'll be back in two weeks for the next project!

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